The CFO Bundle  

YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE IF you desire to: 

Have ONE financial partner to handle your Accounting, Annual and Quarterly Tax Filings, Financial Budgeting/Forecasting, and Business Consulting needs

Establish structure and organization within your business finances

Feel empowered to make key business decisions
{i.e hiring, revenue & expense planning, tax-saving strategies, etc.}

Experience financial longevity and sustainability in business 

Position you and your business for long-term and next level success


... that will indeed eliminate financial overwhelm ... 

Our CFO Bundle is a Full Service, Done For You Financial Experience

The CFO Bundle will  allow you to operate in your area of genius while we handle all the things:

- Financial Management
- Financial Reporting & Analysis
- Payroll Management

- Budgeting & Forecasting
- Business Strategy
- Tax Filing & Planning 

Prior to working with Diana, I had a scarcity mindset. I knew I was bringing in money, but I was really scared to spend it. I was, also, struggling to really understand how well I was doing. While I'm still working through that scarcity mindset, Diana has been there to really answer all of my questions and really made me feel comfortable when it comes to talking about money. Additionally, her monthly reports really allow me to get a full view of my business and understand how/where my money is being spent and where adjustments need to be made.


N. Dobbins

We’ll collect and organize the necessary data and documents, set up or perform an audit of your accounting system, clean up your accounting, and create preliminary financial reporting that details everything that’s been going on in your business.    

Your new found confidence and clarity in your business will become apparent during the continuous process of analyzing & maintaining financials & taxes. We’ll measure results against goals & benchmarks, explore successes & opportunities, and pivot when necessary. 

After you’re clear about the current financial position of your business, we’ll explore the top 3 goals we plan to accomplish during our first 3 months together. During this phase, we will implement changes in your processes, begin reversing bad practices, and move forward with intention and strategy. We’ll help you navigate decisions that will influence your business success and profits. 




what to expect...

Then we Repeat – Literally, handling it ALL so you can do what you love!


Keeping up with the overwhelming job of handling bookkeeping, drafting estimates, and invoicing clients was challenging. While working with Diana, I’ve learned the importance of things like not mixing personal money with business, having financial reporting, and leveraging my previous experiences to make better business decisions. Retaining Diana has been one of the best business moves I've made so far. I feel more empowered by actually KNOWING the financial status of my business. I couldn't say that before working with DB&Co.

Macole Partners

R. Johnson

... not quite ready for the CFO Bundle, no worries ...

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This package will also offer you a one-on-one experience designed to establish structure and organization
within your business finances and position you for ongoing financial success.