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That is a great question! Think of these two roles as… Historical-thinking versus Forward-thinking or Process-driven versus Planning-driven. Accountants are more structured and follow a process to complete necessary tasks like gathering financial data, preparing financial statements, quarterly reporting, tax preparation, and so on. CFOs use this information to create budgets/forecasts and projections for how your business will achieve projected profit and business goals. And YES! to your next question… We offer both!      

My business finances are a complete mess. How can Diana B & Co help? 

What is a Discovery Call?

I need specific answers for my financial/tax situation. Should I book a Discovery Call? 

What is the difference between an Accountant and CFO? 

How long is the onboarding process for Accounting Services? 

What accounting platform do you use?

Do you provide Tax Services?? 

I haven’t filed taxes in years. What should I do?? 

How will we work together?

What is the investment for Accounting and Tax Services?

Do you offer payment plans for your services? 

I’m not making 6-Figures but I really need help with my finances. Can we still work together?? 

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