Do you understand why you owe taxes every year??
Do you keep up with the annual tax law changes and understand how they impact you?? 

Are you 100% sure you haven’t been leaving money on the table?? 

Are you clear about how your business entity type impacts how you and your business are taxed??

Tax Filing & Planning 

As an Individual Taxpayer &
Small Business Owner...  



...less transactional and less intimidating!

Our Signature E³ Framework makes our Tax Filing experience

 At DB&Co, we’re shifting the narrative around the burdensome tax filing season.
 You’ll leave us more knowledgeable and confidently able to answer YES to the questions above.

taxes don't have to be stressful

After working with Diana, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I was nervous but Diana made me comfortable and provided me easy options to ensure I am in a good place moving forward. I had a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Diana. I will continue to work with her as a trusted source as my business and income grows.  She is awesome and is very knowledgeable!! 

Savvy Clover Coaching

B. Mabra

what to expect...

After we’ve collected the necessary information and documents, we’ll thoroughly review everything to identify any gaps or areas where you’ve given Sam too much money. Prior to scheduling your Tax Recap Meeting, we’ll perform one last internal review to confirm we’ve taken advantage of all tax deductions and credits. Our goal is for you to pay the least amount of taxes possible {legally}. 

As a result of our transparency, insight, and expertise, you will leave us understanding the factors and behaviors that were beneficial or detrimental to your tax results. We go beyond whether you owe or not... You’re going to know WHY! 

During your Tax Recap Meeting, we will review and discuss every line of your tax return so that you’re crystal clear about your tax return results. We will share suggestions {i.e W4 adjustment, business entity conversions, estimated quarterly tax mgmt, etc.} for what you should implement for the upcoming tax year and allow you the space to ask questions. Lastly, you’ll electronically sign your return and we will file everything.  






My greatest challenge prior to working with Diana was Acceptance and Organization. Accepting the fact that I needed help and guidance. Organization was a big one because I was overwhelmed with getting my paperwork together for each tax year. After Diana completed filing multiple years of taxes for me, I felt even more empowered as a business woman... running a legit, financially savvy business. I was really embarrassed about running a company and didn’t have my business in order with the IRS.

 In Harmony & Health

E. Harvey