The Accounting Subscription 

sound familiar??

As a new business owner, your cash flow is limited but you need consistent financial guidance.

You’re not ready to completely outsource your financial management but would like to have an Accountant you consult with when making decisions.
You’re managing your own financials {or maybe you have an in-house bookkeeper}, but you’re not sure if everything is correct or what your numbers actually mean.


Our Accounting Subscription is a great option for... 

- New or evolving business owners who aren’t ready to outsource their monthly accounting services
- Business owners who desire to DIY their financials but need consistent accountability and professional guidance 
- Business owners who have some processes in place but don't quite understand what their numbers mean 

are you doing this business thing alone?

Give us 3 months!
We'll help you accomplish your financial goals, be more profitable, & make informed business decisions.  

I came to Diana not knowing how to file for my LLC and she took over the entire process and handled it for me. She educated me on the things that needed my concern and what didn't. She also gave me great insight into my growth capabilities for my business, as well. I will be working with Diana for my taxes in the new year but anytime I talk to Diana, I always come out feeling like the boss CEO that I am :) Diana is incredibly helpful and I don't know how else or who else I would turn to for this part of my business.

Crowned Enterprises

A. Stewart

what to expect...

Monthly “Ask My Accountant” sessions {up to 60 min} 

Mini-Audit of processes, documents, or financials {up to 10 documents each month} 

Unlimited communication via our client portal 

Access to our Business Resource Library 

Exclusive promo/rates for other DB&Co services 


My initial conversation with Diana was beyond a “discovery call.” It was truly enlightening. Diana was able to give me a plan of action from our conversation which will allow me to get started working not only on my taxes, but my finances immediately. In addition, Diana was able to give me amazing tips for restructuring some areas of my finances as a new business owner.

 In Harmony & Health

E. Harvey